Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The World Is Too Much With Us

I'm way too new to this whole blog thing - not new to writing on the internet, you understand, just new to sports blogging - to get all meta about it. Nobody wants to read about the writer, I know, so I'll save my introduction of myself and my perspective for another day. For now, though, I'd like to share the planned programming schedule with you.

This will probably start with some regularity next week:

Mondays - Notes On A Game
Tuesdays - Making Your Tuesday Better
Wednesday - Srs Bzns
Thursdays - Totally Up Each Other
Fridays - This Week In Basquetbaal

Expect this to change, depending on events and what I feel like writing; expect mini-TWIBs whenever I feel like it, including weekends; expect everything to go out the window come playoff time.

As it is, though: Notes On A Game is self-explanatory. Making Your Tuesday Better will focus on whatever handsome young basketballer catches my eye that week. Srs Bzns is also self-explanatory - expect blatant Free Darko-style histrionics, philosophic analysation of basketball via metaphor, meta, and general wank. Totally Up Each Other will highlight certain pairs of players that make careers out of taking humorously gay pictures together (examples: Dirk and Steve, LeBron and Varejao). And This Week In Basquetbaal is my bulleted, pointless observations on whatever basketball events of note that I feel like pointlessly observing. As I get more time to do this, other posts will be made as well - as it is, I'm just trying to make sure that I actually update this thing.

If those few of you reading have gotten the impression that I am a sober, srs bzns kind of person, I apologize for misrepresenting myself. I am, after all, new at this; if I were you, I'd set the bar low, so that you can be pleasantly surprised in future.

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