Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making Your Tuesday Better - First Of Many

The young man Making Your Tuesday Better this week is...Al Horford! Now, I was going to save him for a special occasion. But hey, the beginning of the tournament's this week - that's special, right? Therefore, in honor of it, here's Gator!Al.

Now, Al Horford is gorgeous. This is obvious.

I mean, the eyes, the lips, the bone structure...he's got it all.

Enough so that even pretty girls should probably not take pictures with him.

And he's, you know, okay from the neck down, too.

He has his flaws though! For one, he can look like an enormous fourth grader. (And we're going to leave the ears alone for now.)

It can be argued that the perception of his attractiveness is increased in relation to those he usually takes pictures with:

But now that he's gone to the NBA, it's clear that he can be hot with the best of them.

It was so sad when he and the other boys left. It was obvious how much they loved their team, UF, and each other. The press conference had its ups and downs:

Oh, God, Al. Me too. *tear*

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